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Centrum Dyreklinik carries out medical and surgical treatment of companion animals and performs all veterinary tasks related to the prevention and treatment of diseases in pets. The clinic has 300 sqm, spread over two floors and has modern laboratory facilities, an operating room, scanning and digital X-ray. The clinic also treats many cats with fur problems.

Internal Medicine

Many pets obtain diseases that need to be treated medically rather than surgically. As animals get older than they used to in the past, it is not unusual for especially older dogs and cats to have problems that require veterinary attention. However, veterinary issues do not only arise for older animals, many diseases originate at an early age, and when this occurs it can be relevant to seek veterinary assistance quickly and have the pet examined before a disease develops further.

In addition to a clinical study that most often takes place in the consultation room, where the owner is also present, we often use X-ray as well as blood and urine examinations before any final diagnosis is made.

Veterinarian with Dog


At the clinic we do surgery on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents. The surgery takes place on a daily basis in the clinic between 11:30-14:00.

The animals are admitted from 8:00 every morning and are usually sent home later the same day. On occasion, animals must be followed up the following days in which case the animals can be admitted over a longer period.

We perform surgery daily between 9.00-15.00.


Louise Ellegaard offers chiropractic treatment of dogs and cats. A chiropractic treatment requires insight into the cat's and dog's nervous system and anatomy. This special treatment is chosen for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, where the veterinarians believe they will benefit greatly from chiropractic treatment. Often, the dog or cat requires more than one treatment. However, improvements are often observed after the first treatment.

Basset Hound Check-Up

In-house lab

Centrum Dyreklinik performs daily laboratory examinations in its own fully equipped laboratory. Lab tests are done from samples taken in the clinic or from samples delivered to the clinic from the patients’ owners or caretakers.

The most frequently collect samples are urine specimens, blood samples and skin scrapings. The clinic also makes use of external laboratories for more advanced tests.

Home visits

We are happy to make house calls and will drive home to patients in special request cases.

This may be, for example, when you wish to say farewell to your pet in the comfort of your home.


Dental procedures

The clinic performs dental procedures on a daily basis. We do a lot of prevention of dental issues, and we give free advice on how to brush teeth on dogs and cats as an added service. The clinic has state-of-the-art dental X-ray equipment.



Saying the final goodbye to a beloved pet is a very difficult decision for most people to make. At Centrum Dyreklinik we do everything in our power for both the pet owners and the pet, to make a difficult situation as smooth and undramatic as humanly possible. All pets are anesthetized before giving the last dose that puts the animal to sleep.

After the procedure, pets are collected and cremated at Ada's pet crematorium, which is located in Hedehusene. After cremation, it is possible to get an urn with the euthanized pet.

For pet owners who prefer to have the euthanasia procedure done in the comfort of the pet’s home surroundings, we will happily perform home calls for this upon request.


Digital X-ray and ultrasound scanning

The use of X-ray as a diagnostic tool is often a necessity in a modern companion animal clinic.

To obtain a useful diagnostic image, it is a requirement that the animal lay completely still during X-ray recording.


Since the animals often have pain in the places that are investigated and the fact that the patient can be afraid of the procedure, we often have to anesthetize or sedate the animal while the x-ray exam lasts.


All X-ray examinations are performed in-house on our state-of-the-art digital X-ray.


We use our ultrasound scanner on a daily basis in our diagnostic procedures. Scanning is an important tool and the animals respond very calmly to the procedure and most of the time do not require sedation or anesthesia. We also perform pregnancy scanning of bitches and female cats.


Animal behaviour

We offer behavioral treatment for dogs and cats. Christa Hede has an advanced certificate in cat behavior and Michelle Lyck Larsen has been educated in training and behavioral treatment of dogs.


Behavioral consultations can be demanding for the pet owner, as we often need a lot of detailed information on lifestyle and everyday life to provide the best possible help.



At Centrum Dyreklinik both injection and inhalation are used to anesthetize patients. In the case of injection anesthesia, the animals are anesthetized by injecting liquid anesthetics straight into a vein, often via a catheter.

For inhalation anesthesia, the anesthetics are administered to the patient by the breathing of anesthetic gases. 


In Centrum Dyreklinik we use state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and always in accordance with how much the animal weighs. The animals are monitored constantly during the anesthetic procedure.


Both methods and anesthetics used are similar to what is used today in human medicine.

kaniner og gnavere.jpg

Rabbits and guinea pigs

We examine many rabbits and guinea pigs in the clinic and our staff carry out all kinds of treatment for these species of animals. Both rabbits and guinea pigs require specialized knowledge and we are very dedicated and experienced with this particular group of patients.


Amalie Sejr is has obtained special training within this group of animals and is very skilled at e.g. extracting permanent teeth of rabbits.


As a nutritionist, Tanya is also always of assistance with dietary guidance. We even have a designated examination room for our rabbit and guinea pig patients


Puppy school classes

For several years Michelle Lyck Larsen has regularly held puppy training classes at Centrum Dyreklinik.


To register and/or get more information check out her facebook page “Hund I Centrum”. 

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