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Centrum Dyreklinik has a separate section dedicated specifically to cats.

The cat clinic has been approved by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFC) in August 2019 and has achieved international certification as a cat-friendly clinic.


After the clinic moved to the new beautiful premises, our dream of being able to make a "state of the art" cat clinic has come true. We have a whole department only for cats and if you wish, you can use our designated cat entrance. The waiting room in the cat clinic is specifically decorated for cats, with tables and blankets infused with calming Felifriend pheromones for covering the transit box.


The consultation room in the cat clinic is decorated specifically with cats’ behavior and needs in mind. Windows are designed to allow cats to move around and a special homemade birch tree for claw scratching has appropriately been placed in the room.


In addition, Centrum Cat Clinic has a large assortment of cat products, including quality food, cat grit and toys.

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